New Foundations

Building Visidraft Pt. 4
Project 04

New Foundations

Teambuilding is a skill, especially if you are an outsider. It is not enough to have a good idea and a good pitch, you need persistence to convince good people you are worth their time.

Long Distance Relationship

Building Visidraft Pt. 3
Project 03

Long Distance Relationship

I have never met anyone on my development team in person. I sure wish I had a Visidraft for software development.

Started from the bottom

Building Visidraft Pt. 2
Project 02

Starting from the bottom

Having an idea of the parts that go into a solution for a problem is a great starting point. Until you become someone with granular resolution on the solution however, your vision will never be realized.

The Genesis of Visidraft

Building Visidraft Pt. 1
Project 01

Visualizing the virtual

In 2011 I was given a unique opportunity to design and build several buildings for the United States Air Force. It was from this opportunity that Visidraft was created.

About Me

Husband, Father of three, Visidraft Founder, Part time Graduate Student, Ultramarathoner, Unfunny Comedian, Skydiver and a generally overwhelmed person.


  • Visidraft Mobile Augmented Reality visualization suite compatible with all CAD formats
  • Thesis: Strategic impacts of being the first mover on Artificial General Intelligence
  • Location: Washington, D.C.
  • Mail: akemendo at gmail